Today Feb 23, 2017






Established by Mr. Jacob Engel, a global leading entrepreneur with world-wide reputation, ENGELINVEST GROUP is an international investment corporation.

The group is focused on real estate development projects and on global Energy, Mining, Hi-Tech, Lottery and Finance.

With over 30 years of development track record and a well established experience, Mr. Engel has developed projects with value of billions of dollars in ten countries in three continents.

After years of activities in North America, Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Israel, the Group’s chairman, Mr. Engel, has identified the booming and prospering economies of the emerging markets, who enjoy continuous growth ensuring very high return on investments. Upon this insight, the group decided to concentrate its efforts and activities in those markets, while utilizing its enormous experience, connections and knowledge to promote development of large scale projects in those markets.

Capital Markets History

The Group enjoys Mr. Engel experience in the International capital markets which includes international IPO’s of real estate development companies, in New-York, London and Tel-Aviv.

Strategic Partnerships

ENGELINVEST business philosophy is based on high level of cooperation with local partners in each country. The company is well known for its ability to form strategic partnerships that take into consideration market conditions, while evaluating opportunities to conquer new investments avenues. Given the increasing demand for housing and the rapid urban development in Russia, India and Vietnam, the Group offers opportunity for local entrepreneurs and landowners to leverage its real estate experience and world-wide connection with the finance sector to develop large scale projects.


The ENGELINVEST GROUP and its subsidiaries are aimed at establishing their role as a leading emerging markets developer, while realizing the maximum potential of each and every project for the benefits of both partners and customers. The ability to focus on specific markets, combined with wise and well balanced risk management that aimed at minimizing risks, is the cornerstone for the group’s success. Its skilled management and experienced personal are the source of its recognition as a leading developer world-wide. The dynamic approach and state-of-the-art finance methods puts us it at the forefront of the construction and development world scene.