Today May 22, 2017



Interview: Jacob Engel’s golden touch
African exit: Engel sells Liberian franchise
Engel exits: sells Liberian iron mining franchise for $90 million
Jacob Engel won a mining tender in Liberia worth billions of dollars
Jacob Engel won a tender for iron ore mining worth NIS 100 million
Jacob Engel invested 30 million dollars in mines in Albania, Liberia and Tanzania
Jacob Engel investing in Vietnamese projects: will invest 1.1 Billion Dollars.
Jacob Engel is in talks to purchase of Hanson Israel
Engel is in the run for an iron mining concession in Liberia for $1.6 Billion.
Jacob Engel expands his activity in Africa: won an iron-ore mining tender for NIS 100 million and royalties
Jacob Engel will build in India a mall, a hotel and an office complex with an investment of $300 million
Engel goes for the gold – and copper and nickel – in Tanzania
Engel goes for the gold – and copper and nickel – in Tanzania
Engelinvest expends mining operations
Jacob Engel expands in Africa; prospects for gold in Ghana too
Jacob Engel’s next target: Eilat Port
Jacob Engel’s Engelinvest expands in the mining business: purchased 72 gold and mineral prospecting licenses in Tanzania
Engel Expands African Operation: Won Liberia Iron Ore Mining Tender Estimated at Billions of Dollars
Yaakov Engel has engaged in gargantuan transactions in Vietnam: The investment in 3 projects amounts to $1.1 billion.
Yaakov Engel to invest $1.1 Billion in Real-Estate Project in Vietnam
Jacob Engel and Hezi Hermoni conquer Goa: they will build 2,000 housing units
Jacob Engel received an iron mining franchise in Liberia worth billions of dollars
Massive Project for Yaakov Engel and Hezi Hermoni in Vietnam
Jacob Engel will invest $1.1 billion in building residential neighborhoods and commercial areas in Vietnam